We are Hiring

Greenville driving school pays three times what the other driving schools pay.

We do this because we recruit only the best staff to teach our children.

The old saying, pay peanuts, get monkeys is very true.

We have openings for saturday class teachers and for driving instructors that work throughout the week. This can be full or part time, but you have to be available every weekday afternoon from 2pm. This is so that you can be at the high school an hour before the school lets out.

In order to become a certified instructor, licensed by the DMV, you need a good driving record and a clean criminal background.

If you love kids, are dependable and responsible, do not have points on your license, send us an email to greenvillescdrivingschool@gmail.com with your work history, your contact details and your availability.

The process to get trained, certified and licensed takes about 3 weeks, once that is completed you will be able to start earning money.