Greenville SC Driver Education

We hold driver education classes every other Saturday at our Greenville, SC location.

Our Greenville classes are held in the meeting room of the Best Western, located at 5009 Pelham Rd. Greenville, SC 29615, across Hwy 85 from Michelin. The Best Western is near the intersection of I-85 and Pelham Rd (exit 54), next to Waffle House.

When you arrive for registration, enter the front lobby, and you will see signs directing you to the conference room, just past the front desk, to the right. For registration, we will need the signature of a parent/guardian, or another adult, so please come in with your student for a few minutes to meet us and complete registration paperwork.

Class Dates
For a list of upcoming Greenville Driver Education classes, view the class schedules.

Classroon Hours
Our Greenville classes are 8:30am until 5:30pm. We typically begin registration at 8:00am, and class begins promptly at 8:30am. Students get multiple small breaks throughout the day, and a full hour for lunch from 2:00pm until 3:00pm. Parents are encouraged to pick their students up for lunch, though most students walk next door to Waffle House for lunch, or pack their own lunches.

You are not required to register in advance for a class. You register in person the morning of the class, we will welcome you, and we accept payments in cash only.

The date of the classroom session, we will not be doing any behind the wheel driving lessons, so students do not need to have their permits for the classroom session. Students do not need to bring anything with them except for their payments of $269.00 (after this, the remaining $140.00 will be paid at the time of the driving lessons, usually $70.00 at each of the two lessons) and some money for lunch if you choose to allow them to walk to lunch. For class, we will provide pens and a workbook – students do not need to bring their own notebooks or pens.


Only 1 student in the car at a time – not 3 like other schools!!

Only the best instructors in the industry, highly paid professionals, no $7/hr monkeys that teach nothing and charge for additional lessons.