Frequently Asked Questions


Who has to take a driver education course?
The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SC DMV) requires all students under the age of seventeen (17) to completee a driver education program consisting of at least eight (8) hours of classroom and six (6) hours of behind the wheel driving with a licensed instructor. We do offer a program that meets these requirements. Once students turn seventeen (17), there is no state requirement for them to complete a driver education program, though many do find it beneficial.

How much is your course?
Depending on which course you are interested in, we have different pricing. For the complete teen driver education course, consisting of nine (9) hours of classroom and six (6) hours of behind the wheel driving, our cost is $415.00. We also have a nine (9) hour defensive driving course for insurance discount purposes, which costs $275.00. Our adult program consists of three (3) hours of behind the wheel driving, and the cost is $250.00. We do offer the DMV approved road test at a cost of

$60 cash if you are a student that has trained with our school

$75 if you have not trained with our school.

If you have additional questions about our pricing, or don’t feel that any of these options fit your needs, just give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss additional options!

What about tax?
Services are not taxable, so while other driving schools may charge tax on the services that they offer, Greenville Driving School does not. The prices listed are our complete costs.

Are there any other fees?
Typically, there are no additional fees. The only exception is when gas prices exceed $3.50/gallon. During these rare times, we do have a surcharge of $5.00 per lesson.

Do you offer a discount if I bring in multiple students?
While we don’t offer discounts for groups of two to three students, we do offer group discounts for ten (10) or more students. If you have a group that you’d like to bring to one of our classes, give us a call so that we may discuss group rates.

What information is covered in your teen driver education course?
There is too much information covered to list here, but some of the topics that we cover during our teen program are:

  • drugs and alcohol
  • driving distractions (cell phone use is one distraction that we discuss, but there are many more)
  • different emergency situations and how to handle them
  • the road test
  • speed and the effect that speed has on driving
  • driving defensively
  • traffic
  • gas station safety
  • road rage
  • vehicle maintenance
  • driving in adverse conditions (snow, ice, etc.)
  • … and more

How long does your course last?
For most students, our course is able to be completed in less than a week. There are students, however, who choose to wait longer, or who have very limited availability. How long our course lasts depends largely on when students are available and their desire to complete the program.

What if I feel that I’m not ready for the road test after taking your course?
If you feel that you’re not ready for the road test, usually we recommend that you obtain more driving experience. More experienced drivers typically feel ready earlier than students who have less driving experience. We do offer additional training after our course is complete if you feel that you need it.

Is the course done all in one day?
Some courses, like our insurance discount and adult training courses, can be completed in one day, but the teen driver courses must be done over multiple sessions. The nine (9) hour class is completed in one day, on a Saturday, but after that, the six (6) hours of driving is usually scheduled in two (2) lessons of three (3) hours each. In some cases, we combine the six (6) hours of driving into one lesson, at the student’s request, in which case, all the behind the wheel driving lessons can be completed in one day.

Where are classes held?
We have multiple classroom locations available in Rock Hill, Greenville, Simpsonville, and Spartanburg/Boiling Springs. For more detailed information on where our classes are held, please visit our Locations page for the location nearest you

Will you pick students up and drop them off for driving lessons?
We do pick students up for driving lessons, and drop them off when our lessons are over. The location for pick up and drop off depends largely on when the lesson is scheduled for. For example, if you schedule a lesson after school, we’ll typically pick up from school, and drop the student off at home upon completion of the lesson.

Do you take students to the DMV for the road test?
We don’t take the student to the SC DMV for the road test, but we do offer a testing service through our school. If the DMV approved road test is administered through our school, the road test will be completed at our location, in one of our vehicles, and with one of our instructors. For more information on the SC DMV approved road test, please visit our Road Test page.

For driving lessons, how many people are in the car at a time?
For behind the wheel driving sessions, we do not allow ride-alongs. There should only be one instructor and one student in the vehicle at a time. We feel that this minimizes distraction, and any potential embarrassment or bullying that might occur when the student does something wrong. It is extremely important that our students are trained properly, and are able to focus on the task at hand while we’re training them – after all, they will be driving for years to come, and deserve our undivided attention while they’re learning.

How do I get an insurance discount?
An insurance discount certificate is awarded to students under the age of twenty-five (25) after successful completion of our nine (9) hour defensive driving classroom session.

How much will an insurance discount save me per year?
The insurance discount certificate could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year, depending on your age and which insurance company you are insured through. Greenville Driving School cannot guarantee an amount of money that you will save. Questions regarding discounts and savings should be directed to your insurance company.

What age groups do you teach?
We primarily teach students between the ages of fifteen (15) and seventeen (17), though we do not have an age limit on the students that we are able to teach.

Do you teach adults?
While most driving schools cater exclusively to teen drivers, Greenville Driving School does provide training to adult students.

Do you teach internationals?
We absolutely do provide training to international students.

What certifications do you give to prove that students took your driver education course?
We offer students a PDLA form for Department of Motor Vehicle use, and an insurance discount certificate for insurance company use. Both certifications prove that the student did complete our driver education course.

Do you guarantee that a driver’s license will be secured?
No driving school can guarantee that a driver’s license will be secured, and SC DMV regulations forbid us from making such guarantees. We make every effort to train the student in such a way that they should easily pass the road test and obtain a driver’s license, but the student does need to test and pass alone.