Adult Driver Training

Not taking on new adult students at this time, we will update as soon that changes.


We are still taking Spanish students of all ages for permit class and lessons.



For adults from age of 17 to 70 years old we do the 3 hours driving lesson for $220.

At Greenville driving school we teach all adults how to drive and how to pass the road test.

We also teach adults with our small testing car, that is the easiest of all driving school cars, to do the parallel park, three point turn and perform the other road test maneuver with.

If you are between the ages of 17 and 25 years old you may one to consider doing the Greenville driving school teenagers course. The advantage of this is that you do the 8 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving all for $365,and you get the insurance discount certificate that save you money until you 25 years old. 

If you are older than 25 years old there is no advantage to do the classroom hours.

For adults from age of 17 to 70 years old we do the 3 hours driving lesson for $220.

How many of this lesson you will need , will depend of how well you drive.

Once we have you trained to where you can pass the road test, you can take the test using our car and our instructor the cost for you is $60.

Once you have passed the test we will give you an envelope with the test  results . You take this envelope to the DMV and they will accept it, take your picture and give you your license.

In order to drive in our car you must have a valid South Carolina permit.




Every week we train and test immigrants from around the world.

If you have had a driver’s license in your home country you must take this license to the DMV so that they can give you a South Carolina permit, then you can drive with us.

If you have never had a license before you need to get a South Carolina permit before we can drive with you. If you are having difficulty in getting the permit and passing the permit test at the DMV, Greenville driving school offers a free permit class. Please see our website

If you have never had a license before you need to wait 6 months after getting the permit before you will be able to take the test and get your license.



                                                        INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES

Our instructor speaks English, Afrikaans, Dutch and a little bit of Spanish. If you have difficulty speaking English do not be afraid our instructor is used to communicating using some of sign language gestures they should be enough for you to understand the instructor.


                                               BOOKING  LESSONS

Our car that we train with is very easy to train and testing and our instructor are very friendly, this make our  adult driving program very popular so please book early.

When you are booking please have someone help you if you cannot speak English.

To book a lesson CALL our office monday to friday 9am to 4pm

864 346 6617